Our Mission

Create Memorable Brands for the Digital Era

Branding & Domains VERYL's competitive edge

The .com domain is an intrinsic part of creating a brand in a digital world.

Our mission is to help accelerate business growth through the power of great branding and domains. To achieve this task, we exclusively represent some of the most attractive and rarest .com domains and offer a concierge brand naming and rebranding service to a discerning clientele.

Meet the team


Meet Mary Louise, a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of a thriving consumer product business with a global presence in 50+ countries.  Mary Louise brings extensive branding experience and is fluent in seven languages, having lived on three different continents. Her ability to understand cultural nuances adds a unique and valuable dimension to her approach.


Meet Dr. Dimitri, a Swiss psychologist with a wealth of experience in banking, licensing of luxury brands, and consulting. Having lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and the US, he brings a global perspective to his endeavors, making him a valuable asset with a truly international mindset.


Meet William, the founder of a successful technical support company. With studies in accounting and a background in web development, he brings a wealth of technical expertise. His dynamic approach to business is complemented by a keen understanding of the digital landscape. William’s entrepreneurial spirit and technical acumen bring a new-age perspective to branding.  .