Rebranding Service

Reposition and revalue your business with a memorable brand name and matching .com.

Rebrandto Create Value

Rebranding services focused on renaming a business with a memorable brand name and matching dot com domain. Our aim is to establish a new brand that revitalizes perception, revalues a business, resonates in a competitive landscape, and sets a clear vision for the future.

Rebranding Process

1. Discovery

The rebranding process starts with a consultation with a member of the VERYL team. Through your guidance, we learn about your business, pinpoint areas of the brand that need improvement, and explore options for securing a premium domain.

2. Brand Naming

Equipped with a good understanding of your business, our branding team begins the brand naming process. We aim to create a memorable brand, and secure a premium .com, to reposition and propel your business forward.

3. Implementation

When a new brand name is discovered, the final part of the process is integrating it across the company’s touchpoints. For select clients, we can act in an advisory capacity to ensure that your new brand’s message is effectively communicated to all stakeholders.

Our mission

Upgrade Your Brand

We believe that great branding creates trust, opens new sales channels, and accelerates value creation.

Why do businesses rebrand?

Rebranding becomes a necessity when a company’s perception needs to change to align with its goals and objectives. Rebranding is an initiative to reposition, revalue, and propel a company forward. It’s all about growth.

…from a viral perspective everyone can remember I think it is not one thing but many variables that make the ultra-premium domains still valuable for companies.

When it comes to rebranding, choosing the right approach can make a world of difference. Our brand development services and expertise in the premium domain field provide startups, companies, and investors with clear competitive advantages.

In the past few years, a significant number of established businesses have rebranded using a premium domain. We expect the trend to continue.

In becoming, our vision is finally encapsulated in our name.

Successful Rebrands


Rebranding Advantages


Minimize Ad Costs

Maximize brand recall with a memorable brand and improve the effectiveness of ad campaigns.


Ignite Value Creation

Improve business perception. Create goodwill and grow the brand equity.


Establish Credibility

Build trust and signal confidence that the business is in for the long run.


Boost Traffic

Improve communication, SEO, and type-in traffic, and word of mouth.


Seeking to enhance your brand’s presence? Reach out to us today, and let’s craft a strategic plan for your success.

The rebranding service is aligned with the brand naming service.  We charge USD 1,000 to present 3 brand names that we believe could fit your business. The names we suggest will have a matching .com domain for sale in your price range.

Estimate 6-figures USD to acquire an up-and-rising premium domain and 7-figures USD to acquire a world-class premium domain.

VERYL represents a select number of premium domains, but our brand naming service is not limited to the domains we represent.

To present 3 brand names, each with a matching .com, estimate 2 weeks.   Although complex projects may take longer, we work efficiently and are always mindful of deadlines.

Throughout the process, you will be introduced to the team, and we will work together to shape a brand with a truly unique identity.

A great brand embodies several key characteristics. Among these, two stand out as paramount: memorability and a matching .com domain.

If your brand name goes beyond generic descriptions, it is advisable to consider protecting it. Registering your trademark with the appropriate office can offer added safeguards against potential imitations.

Please note that we are not lawyers. Trademark screening is provided by a trademark attorney. For further information and insight, please refer to a legal specialist.

As a company policy, we only recommend brand names in combination with a .com domain.

Although alternatives to .com exist, it is widely understood that:

  1. Leading blue-chip companies do business with .com.
  2. .com is the only extension recognized, understood, and adopted worldwide.
  3. Owning the .com of your brand name mitigates brand confusion.
  4. Perception through consumer trust and credibility in a product or service is enhanced.
  5. Over the past decades, .com domains have proven to be a store of value and appreciating digital asset.

Generally, a premium domain is considered to be one that holds significant value due to its brandability and characteristics:

The .com extension is globally recognized and favored by major companies worldwide.

Short and memorable
The shorter and more memorable a domain is, the more attractive and valuable it is. Short domains are defacto very limited in supply. 

Keyword rich
A domain containing keywords, or words, that are popular in English. If the words are related to your business, this can be additionally advantageous (e.g.

Yes, our service is discretionary.  You may browse our selected premium domains, and find a suitable domain.